Hi, I'm Benjamin Stewart

Over 15 Years of Diabetic Experience

I am a 18-year-old diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 2. I don't remember my first diabirthday too well. I actually have forgotten every moment in the hospital room. I do remember getting kicked out for playing kickball and taking pennies from the fountain and throwing them back in. That memory does a good job describing me, I am always looking for fun and laughs even when it can get me in a little bit of trouble. When people ask me if diabetes sucks I always say no without any hesitation because I only see the fun I have been able to gain from it.

What Diabetes has Gotten Me

I'm always saying that I get a lot from diabetes, maybe I should tell what they are. One of the biggest opportunities I have gotten is getting to go to Diabetes camp since I was 7. Diabetes camp is a super fun time and a really easy thing to joke about. Also anytime I go to an amusement park my family/friends always get a free fast pass. In school, I also am able to make all of my absences considered "excused". A lot of good examples are in the poem I wrote called Unlimited Excuses.

What I want you to get from Diabadass Poetry

Everyone gets down occasionally but the last thing you should get down about is diabetes. I hope that after people read the poems on this site that they will have the same fun, optimistic, and go for it attitude that our nonworking pancreas allows us to have. Use diabetes to your advantage, realize you're not alone, and always have fun!

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