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Poetry by ME!

I'm glad that y'all made your way over to my poetry. Many psychiatric  experts suggest poetry as a way of improving your mental health. I definitely agree with this statement. Diabetics are 3 times more likely to develop depression and everyday countless struggle with eating disorders. I hope by normalizing diabetes, we can decrease these horrifying statistics.
So this is where you start to see this website develop into a "diabetic support page" like thing. That is not exactly what Diabadass Poetry is, preferably this is a community for diabetics to see they aren't alone and that others deal with the same hardships they do everyday. From here on out, the content becomes humor only us diabetics understand. Hopefully this helps any struggling diabetic get well on their way to be becoming a Diabadass. 

So let's get started with the poem that made me realize that Diabetes can be used as an asset. While yes, we are put through constant crap everyday, we also have a few benefits. If the idea of spreading mental health awareness within diabetics using humor excites you, get started by reading my first poem, Unlimited Excuses.

Unlimited Excuses

How many normal people can get a free fast pass at an amusement park?
The answer is, Nobody
Also, sneaking in snacks is fine because you are basically a monarch
All these perks because you don't have a working body

Yes, occasionally you will feel like the contents on the floor of a chicken coop
laying in your bed with diabetic ketoASSidocius
then moving to the bathroom, so you can throw up in the toilet bowl loop
The amount of free excused absences you then receive is atrocious

Now you know, these excuses are actually perks of the diabetic
If you only see the negatives, you will live in a lot of strife
If you aren't optimistic about this disease, you are pathetic
Do your best to have fun with it, and live your best life!

High Achoo

My blood sugar is high
Ears are hot and I am sick
​I need insulin

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 2.49.34 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 1.44.21 PM_edit


Dick is what am, when my blood sugar is out of wack
Insulin keeps my eyes uncrossed, and
me off my back
Always having scars, on my fingers, makes me look cool
"Benjamin has diabetes" was
a popular joke in school
Eating the whole kitchen, coming up from low blood glucose
Testing my blood sugar to help calculate the insulin dose
Estimating my blood sugar when I am lazy
​​Silly because my
 sugar is high, while also feelin'  a little hazy

Freak Drawer Handles

Screw you drawer handles

If I could, I would shoot you all with roman candles

Every time I walk in the kitchen,

You cause me to start screaming and bitchin'

Grasping at my tubing, ripping out my site

Acting like a baby, who always has to bite

It's not only drawer handles that I hate

It is every handle, even one on a silver gate

Some people say shots are easier

This might be true, because to you, no one is sleazier

Whenever you rip out my site, you cause me to stress a ton

Every handle in existence literally consists of no fun 

If you enjoyed these poems and want to help contribute, not only to the betterment of your mental health, but also your fellow diabetics mental health. Make your way over to the poetry by you and you can see what some of the other diabetics, from around the world, have written. Don't ever forget, the key to being a diabadass is to do whatever you want, without worrying about what others think. Make sure that you take that in to consideration when reading the other's poems and when writing your own. 
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