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Poetry By You

We are glad that you're checking out some other diabadasses poetry. No matter why you're here, we are excited you are, and hope you find something that you can relate to. Whether you're here for some inspiration, or to discover stories, proving that each and every day all diabetics have to face the same challenges. Examples can include: when your insulin pumps tubing gets caught on a door, or some ignorant fuck saying a "fact" about diabetes that no one else has heard of. Personally, my BIGGEST pet peeve is when someone who is unqualified to speak on diabetes issues , attempts to give me diabetic advice. What makes this even worse is when this person has never experienced a single one of our daily struggles.
I think sharing personal experiences is a very important step in the improvement of our mental health. Realizing that all diabetics have to deal with the same shit, and knowing you are not alone can be inspiring on its own. In order for this site to function properly, as a community for diabetics, we need your help. Please send in your best poetry and you can get them published right here. Why stop at only poetry though? Send us songs, art, or anything that displays your creative genius. This can be done by reaching out to us through either Diabadass Poetry's email or Instagram. These are easily accessible by navigating to the Contact Page. Trust me, we would love nothing more than for y'all to slide in to our DM's ;) 

The Good Kind?

Roses are red, violets are blue, my 

pancreas left me, at least it's not type II

- Devin


When Confused

Diabetics have a schtick, 

It involved a finger prick,

They read their meter, tried and true

And then they know just what to do.

- Gryn

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit


When I am low, I grab some treats,

To boost my sugar, I love sweets.

When I am high, I up my pump,

To avoid a mental slump.

My ups and downs are tough to gauge,

But this is just my war to wage.

- Carolyn

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