Poetry By You

I'm glad you're checking out some other diabadasses poetry. No matter why you are here, I am glad you are and hope I can help. Whether you're here for some inspiration or to see that all diabetics have to go through the same crap every day. Some examples are when your tubing gets caught on a door handle, or some ignorant person saying something completely wrong or my BIGGEST pet peeve, when they try to give you diabetes advice when they have never experienced many of our struggles.
I think this is a very important step in the improving mental health in diabetics. Realizing that all diabetics have to deal with stuff everyday, and knowing you are not alone is inspiring. So in order for this site to function properly as a diabetic support page, I need your help. Please send me your best poems and you will get them published right here on the site. But why stop at only poetry, send me your songs, plays, or whatever creative asset you have. Diabadass Poetry has an email and an instagram which are accessible on the bottom of the page. Trust me, I would love it if you slid in to Diabadass Poetry's DM's ;)

The Good Kind?

Roses are red, violets are blue, my 

pancreas left me, at least it's not type II

- Devin


When Confused

Diabetics have a schtick, 

It involved a finger prick,

They read their meter, tried and true

And then they know just what to do.

- Gryn

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit


When I am low, I grab some treats,

To boost my sugar, I love sweets.

When I am high, I up my pump,

To avoid a mental slump.

My ups and downs are tough to gauge,

But this is just my war to wage.

- Carolyn