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The Diabadass Dictionary: Everyday Slang to Incorporate into Normal Life

As you go through Diabadass Poetry, you will come across some interesting slang. You might not know a lot of these words' meanings, especially if you don’t have very many diabetic friends, or as some might call them a “diabuddy”. I learned most of these terms at camp with my friends, whom also have diabetes. Also, several of the terms listed, are ones that I invented. This post is similar to a diabetic Urban Dictionary.


  1. Someone with diabetes who does whatever they want, not giving a damn about what anyone else might think. (Noun)

How to use this in everyday conversation

“Dude! Sick fanny pack!" - Gerald

"Thanks, its called a SPIbelt” - Nancy

"You are such a diabadass!" - Gerald *making an attempt to spread his diabetes to the next generation ;)

  1. A proclamation of admiration. (Adj.)

How to use this in an everyday conversation

“I love the way your Dexcom pokes out of your shirt ;) You look pretty diabadass.” - Hot Super Model Chick


  1. A close friend who also has diabetes. (Noun)

How to use this in everyday conversation

“I don’t think you understand how good of a diabuddy you are. If you ever need anything, I hope you know I always got your back.” - Loyal Diabro

Having a community is a very important aspect in regards to the improvement of a diabetics mental health. Being able to relate to others is a key component of a community. An example of a community being able to relate is by finding common struggles that each individual goes through on a regular basis. Eventually, these other diabetics can turn into diabuddies. Having a close confidant, that you can confide in is a necessity for anyone who wants happiness.


  1. Another way to say fellow diabetic, however, they might not be the most likable person.

How to use this in an everyday conversation

“I met another diabetic the other day but he was kind of a douche." - Franklin

"I hope you wouldn't call him a diabuddy.” - Franklin's Step Mom

"Don't worry Step Mom. He's just a diabud. No way he could be my diabuddy." - Franklin

Everyone knows that there are people out in the world that suck. I mean heavy duty suck. Some people have a personality with the equivalent to how a paper-cut feels. The diabetic community have people like this too. I assumed that these types of people won't have any diabuddies, or possibly even regular friends, but leaving them by themselves seemed discourteous. Even dicks can benefit from having their own community. It is just a little rude to call them the "Dick Community" to their face.


  1. Someone who thinks they know a lot more than they really do about diabetes. Usually they like to stick their nose in things that aren’t any of their business. (Noun)

How to use this in an everyday conversation

“MOM! Stop asking me if I checked my blood sugar already! You’re such a wannabetic!” - Dragon

Wannabetics are the Karens of the diabetic community. Personally, I find having to correct something a wannabetic has said, to be one of the most stressful things ever. It is very important to educate these people though, if we want to stop hearing things like “You’re diabetic? Really? But you’re not thattt fat.” Well no duh! Getting angry at them does nothing. They don’t know any different. Next time something like this happens, make sure that you politely explain to them the reality of the situation on hand. Hold all expletives in your head, then submit something creative to us, making fun of the dumbass and their stupid comments (just make sure that you show off your humor :)) We’ll post it, and then you might be the reason some diabetic is able to get through another day.

DiabEDic (Adj.)

  1. When your blood sugar is low and you can’t get your little diabuddy (or your big diabuddy 😉) up and ready for action.

How to use this in everyday conversation

“Dude! I had to eat a whole cake last night.” - Chad

"Why in the hell would do that?" - Elon

"I didn't have a choice. My blood-sugar was too low and I didn't want to disappoint that girl Apidra" - Chad

"Haha you freakin' diabEDic, you were downbad." - Elon

Diabetics are not only more likely to develop ED (Erectile Dysfunction) at a younger age, but when your blood sugar is too low it is similar to having “Wiskey Dick”. This is caused by your diabetes, and there is nothing you can do about it. There isn’t any reason to dwell on this. Instead use it as a joke and talk about it the same way you would as if you were just too drunk.


  1. The day of the year you were diagnosed with Diabetes. (Noun)

How to use this in an everyday conversation

“What’s up man! Someone told me it was your diabirthday last week. Happy belated diabirthday buddy” - Chill Dude with the Nice Sun Glasses (Probably a cool brand no one else has heard of)

Personally, I don’t remember my diabirthday but a lot of my friends from diabetes camp have told me stories about theirs. Remember every day that you wake up is a blessing, so going a whole year with diabetes is always something to celebrate.

That is all I have for right now but in order to normalize this disease make sure that you share this post. Sharing things like this is part of the first step in helping improve the mental health of fellow diabetics. Spreading awareness is a critical component of resolving any issue. If you have any clever slang that you would like to make the world aware of, leave it in the comments. This is a living post with the capability to evolve. This means that it can be updated at any point, making it possible to keep everyone up to date with the constantly changing everyday diabetic colloquialisms.

Make sure that if you haven't already, go and check out the fun, witty, and relatable poetry that got us started by clicking here.

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